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The Modular Advanced Hamaguri Convex Shear Sharpener

Dennis has redesigned the original Advanced unit to a Modular Set Up.

We are now able to incorporate a modular design into the single head advanced model. NOW you have the option of adding a second unit to the single head machine making it a dual head flat hone. The single head base unit comes pre wired for the later addition of the second modular dual head conversion unit. What does this mean to you? It means that you can buy the single head base unit and then at a later date purchase the conversion unit making it the dual head and you can do all this without having to ship your single head back to us for the upgrade. Everything is prewired and pre drilled. It's a simple bolt and go.

Also, a new manufacturing process has enabled us to actually lower the machining cost without sacrificing quality. You will have the same reliable motors, controller and clamp/arm system as always. We are offering the single head base unit at $2495 with all supplies (see package details below). The second modular conversion unit cost $995 and only takes about an hour to complete the upgrade.

The cabinet is 16-gauge steel and is silver vane powder-coat painted with a topcoat of clear baked-on acrylic for an attractive long lasting maintenance free finish.

The Advanced System is designed to create a vortex to keep the majority of the dust created inside the cabinet.

The two motors are a permanent magnet DC brush type motor for long-lasting and cooler running. It is virtually maintenance-free operating.

The AC to DC speed controller is manufactured to operate the Advanced Hamaguri Sharpening Machine for years with a very low amperage draw, and features an automatic brake each time The Machine is turned to the off or opposite direction positions.

The magnetic head is 5 3/4 inches in diameter allowing the 6 inch metal disc to overhang 1/16th inch making for easy and fast disc changing. The machine can be used with either PSA, or Hook & Loop or a combination of both.

These machines do require a Pure Sine Wave Inverter. To run the machine and a LED light it is recommended that you use a 500 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

For international equipment we add $100 to the cost for the special parts needed.

FREE Shipping in the Continental United States 

Package On‚Äče------ $2720

Single Head Base Unit

Convex Clamp & Arm Assembly

Ride Line Stone

3 - Hook & Loop Disc

1 - 1/16" Ultra Diamond Pad

1 - 3 Micron Spray

24 - Assorted Hook & Loop Disc Papers

1 - Shear Check Plate

1 - Larry's Flat-Hone Convex Shear Sharpening Book

Package Two-----$1095

Add on Modular Dual Head Conversion Unit

Comes with all hardware and attachments (For left and right handed shears)

Package Three -------- $3620

This is Package One and Two Together

And also includes additional supplies...

12 - Assorted H & L Papers

1 - 3 Micron Spray

This price reflects an additional $100 off

Contact us for all your sharpening needs including questions, training and supplies.