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Dennis and Tonya do an AMAZING job! Can't wait to return for additional training in the future. Not just trainers but now new friends in the industry. They TRULY want you to succeed and work hard to give you the information needed in all aspects of the business.


December 2021

Dennis was very detailed explaining not only how to sharpen shears, but the anatomy and function of each moving part.  I feel very confident in my abilities after my training with Dennis.


July 2021

Lots of information. Hands on training was very beneficial. Thanks!


March 2021

Hands on, one on one training is definitely a plus in learning this business and to acquire the skills necessary to be successful. Dennis and Tonya were 

very helpful and accommodating.

Kevin Lyles

September 2020

I am extremely greatful you are willing to train and mentor. I don't believe there is anything you could have done better. Thank you for all your support!!

Jennifer Johnston

November 2019

Great people, great training. Dennis & Tonya were very professional, gave me more than I could hope for. I will be back for shear training.

Mike Cohorst

March 2019

I just got my 1/16" Ultra Diamond pad and tried it out today. It is awesome!! I'm an experienced sharpener but just beginning on beauty shears. The pad, using 3 micron diamond spray, did a wonderful job and doesn't round the sharp edge the way I suspect felt can do. Thanks for a great product.

Steve Harbour

October 2018

Thank you all so much for the support, training, and hospitality, It was a great experience that was relaxed with a stress free environment. Dennis is an awesome trainer, and generous with his help. Tonya is more than patient and so kind, and great with getting everything together. Thank you all again from me and my family for helping me start my future. I have hope one day I will be a part of the NBTSG and be a certified sharpener so I too can carry on this dying lifestyle/trade.

Justin O'Guinn

August 2018

Seriously learned a lot and putting it to practice. The FaceBook groups Dennis suggested have opened a new source for learning. This was a fantastic experience!

Lou & Melanie Boyle

May 2018

Dennis is a wealth/knowledge, he makes sure you comprehend information and is very patient. Details all training for each client.

Carey Brown

March 2018

I was very impressed with the training facilities and Dennis was very impressive with all the knowledge he has in the sharpening industry. Office staff was 2nd to none. All aspects of the training was awesome. The only thing I need is Customers.

Lonnie McGee

July 2017

Dennis & Tonya are both very informative and laid back!

Kayla McDonald

March 2017

Both Dennis and Tonya were very informative and laid back, easy to learn from.

David Holt

March 2017

I really enjoyed Dennis & Tonya, they would stop and answer any questions I had. Also helped me to learn a bunch of new ideas and techniques. Thank you again Tonya & Dennis, you were very helpful to me and my small business. Nov 2015

Dave P

The training was excellent. You guys do a great job. I would highly recommend the training to anyone wanting to get in this business. You could take me hunting in Illinois Dennis.

Mark Powell

Mark of Sharpness

I am thoroughly pleased with the training I received from Dennis at Sharp Edges. I was very impressed with the whole Sharp Edges operation. I found Dennis to be very down to earth, knowledgeable, and an all around nice guy. I feel I left Sharp Edges having gained valuable set of skills as well as friends in Dennis and his family. This was truly a worthwhile investment.

Mark Bradshaw


I thought the whole experience was professionally done. I learned more than I thought I would and Dennis and family are wonderful people on a personal level as well. I would highly recommend Sharp Edges to anyone wanting to train or to sharpen anything needed.
Steve McBride
Stay Sharp 11/2013

I did not know what to expect even with the information packet and web site. Training exceeded anything I could have wished for. Really outstanding and in-depth but easy to understand.

Glenn Thielker- May 2012

The overall training was good and the support I feel I have will help me in the future. Dennis and his experiences and knowledge were priceless. It is priceless to have one on one training.

Clifford Dmitruck

Your education was right on and really needs no changing. It was more than I expected. Sharp Edges in my eyes is truly a 5 star business.

Gregg Weinstock - Feb. 2011

My experience was excellent. When I got back home and used my equipment, I felt very comfortable with it and with what I was doing. Thanks.

Bill Hobbs - June 2011

Thanks to everyone at Sharp Edges. It was a Great 3 days of training. It gave me the confidence I need to move forward with my business.

Larry Gellak - June 2011